Sunday, September 26, 2004

So whats a girl supposed to do during a hurricane? Go through the yarn stash of course!!! Well I attempted to "organize" my stash but quickly got sidetracked with taking pictures and such. I've decided to post some of it and maybe get some responses. Anyhow, this is my sparkly yarn I want to make into this lacy vneck sweater. Isn't it perty?

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oooooh la la

Here is my little swatch of the Fiamma yarn I have. I bought it with no project in mind, but now I think it would be perfect for the Point Five Jacket out of the Knitters Stash book. Problem is, the yardage is short. ARG!!! So what now? I've considered launching a massive internet search for any remaining skeins. I have six total at 95 m each. Maybe it could be like a Point Five Bolero?

fiamma swatch Posted by Hello

Here is a bad picture of the skeins.

Lopi Anyone?

I bought this before I knew what Lopi was and although I do like it, I'm not sure what to do with it. I've got approx 600 yds. Maybe a felting project? If anyone has any suggestions, drop me a line.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

Happy Day

Today is a happy day: its my birthday! yeah! So I am going to celebrate by making a delicious white cake with chocolate frosting and strawberries with my children then knitting for the rest of the day! Hubby got me a gift certificate to a bookstore so I've been trying to find some good knitting books to consider. The only one I've found is Vintage Knits, but I won't know what is really out of course until I go. I've heard about the new D. Stoller book SnB Nation, but I don't think its out yet and I don't know when its going to be released. Any suggestions are very welcome.
So I've been working on the washcloths and they're coming along. I've also been working on my granny square shawl and its been fun. I just have never worked with putting these together. There are lots of loose ends where I have switched colors so I need to weave all those in and that looks like it will take forever! On top of that, I don't know how many squares I will get out of the eight skeins I bought. I figure twelve squares long by six squares wide equals seventy-two squares. I've made fifteen.

I've got to organize my stash and when I do that I want to take pictures and then I will definitely post them! How exciting! I also want to take pictures of the progress on my shawl and the newer washcloths and maybe if you're lucky I'll throw in one of me in my finished Cape Mod!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bad news. I cannot find my Halloween decorations! Now I'll have to wait for hubby to get home so he can root around in the attic for them. Sigh.... I got the kids all worked up about finding them and getting the house ready and they were disappointed. Anyway, I have been working on my granny square shawl and I like the colors I chose more now than I did when I bought the skeins. I just wonder if I'll have enough left over to sew them all together! There are SO many projects I have going that I'm starting to get mad at myself for getting carried away. Now I have to prioritize them and some of the ones I was excited about will be postponed! Arg! I'm glad I'm not trying to knit any Christmas gifts! As it is I haven't picked up where I left off on the washcloths which are a gift. I realize now that I must stop the shawl and finish three more washcloths to send to my SIL.
If choosing which of my knitting projects to do first is my biggest problem, then I'm living in a paradise!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

DK Wool Jo Sharp Tweed Linseed Posted by Hello

This is what my mom picked out for her sweater. Isn't it gorgeous?
Hopefully I will knit this

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So there we are. Five Floridians taking refuge in beautiful northern Georgia. We visited historic Dahlonaga and found a yarn store! At first, when we went inside there was all this cotton quilting fabric everywhere and I was so disappointed cause I really wanted them to have yarn! So my mom asked one of the ladies if they had some and lo and behold in a seperate garage at the rear of the house, floor to ceiling yarn! It was my fairytale yarn store ending and I had a blast! My mom (who doesn't knit) even got in on the excitement and bought 12 skeins of Jo Sharp tweed wool for me to knit her a sweater! She bought me some yarn for me too for my birthday present: two skeins of KPPPM and some dk cotton blend for a poncho/shawl I want to make. Thank you mommy!

My gorgeous KPPPM that will be my first pair of knitted socks! Posted by Hello

Friday, September 10, 2004

*&%$# Hurricanes!!!!

We've survived Charley, then Frances. Now, we must face Ivan. Well, if you consider turning tail and headin for the hills facing it, then we are pretty much facing it. Tommorrow we will begin our journey toward Atlanta and auntie Linda's house with electricity and running water and most importantly NO HURRICANES. The bright spot to all this is that I've got three pages of yarn stores to map out. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to visit more than one! Yipee! Oh yeah, my home is in the path of impending doom. Sigh, oh well. Talk about knitting for stress relief. I brought some of my valuables up to my moms house (she is out of storm surge range from the bay) for drier safe keeping and of course this included some, okay, most of my yarn stash. In it I discovered a forgotten project: a mohair and ribbon shawl. ZZZZZZzzzzzzz, very boring. I want to look for new ideas. Maybe I'll find some at, perhaps, a yarn store!?
I'll be so happy when Ivan passes and there better be no more freaken hurricanes this season!!! As soon as the storm passes (and if autie linda has internet access) I will post some more pics.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Post Frances Post

Well, its over. Mostly over anyway. There is still lots of wind and some rain, but Hurricane Frances has moved on and now I am left with the clean up. Thankfully my cleanup only involves some raking and house cleaning. My girlfriend who lives but five minutes from us had some serious street flooding so we are very lucky. We stayed with my parents during the worst of the storm and I did manage in that time to finish the second washcloth and start the third. I am getting ancy to start the Kyoto sweater, but at the same time I want to finish these damn washcloths to get off to Manon. Sigh...... I'll just suck it up and finish the washcloths first. This hurricane has given us the first cool breeze in like five months so I am getting excited thinking about my fall wardrobe.

Friday, September 03, 2004


Its late and I'm tired but I just spent the last thirty minutes figuring out how to post four links on the blog. This technology stuff is for the birds! Anyway, I've posted some of my fave links on here for others to enjoy and will definitely be adding to the list soon.
I had a Dr.'s appointment today and took my washcloths to knit while I waited. I am almost completely done with the second one now Yippeee! Browsing through the new fall RamWools catalogue I saw a great granny square shawl made of mohair yarn that I think would be fun to whip up. Now is the time to get organized! I feel like I have a million projects floating around in my mind and I don't want to forget any of my ideas. I want to take more pictures but probably won't get the chance over the next couple of days because of Hurricane Frances.
Next goal: Photo Albums

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Manons washcloths

my first lacework Posted by Hello
These are my 1 1/2 lacy washcloths I'm making for my sister in law Manon. Aren't they lovely?! I started them at my first knitting meetup thinking it was a small project and I could get advice on the stitches from the other knitters there. Surprisingly enough, I didn't need them! Ha! I figured out all those ssk's and psso's all by my little self. After practicing these lacy washcloths I'm hoping to tackle a lacy v-neck in a creme colored sparkly yarn. OOH LA LA! Anyway, with five skeins of the louet euroflax, I should be able to make ten washcloths. By the way, I got the patterns for these out of the knitters stash book. As soon as I find the designer info I will be sure to give credit. They are beautiful and I almost hate to give them away.

cool cape

cape mod almost done Posted by Hello
So this is my almost finished version of Melissa Lim's Cape Mod from SnB. Right now I am trying to decide if I should frog the end and just add the rest of the merino to it (only like one and a half skeins) to make it longer. I worked for three days straight on this puppy and by the time I got to the edging my eyes were crossing and I was SO ready for this project to be wrapped up. I've already frogged it once because I really wanted this to turn out nice and wearable so I'm thinking it would be well worth the extra effort of adding the rest of the yarn. Also, since I've never really blocked a project, I'm not sure how much more room I'll get out of it when I block it. ?? One bright spot however is I LOVE this techno hair yarn! Its so soft! Puuuurrrrrrrrr! Its only the second kind of novelty yarn I've used so maybe I'm just still a newbie. I've got to get up the gumption of frogging the bottom, figuring out how to get my needles back into the piece and continue. Or should I block it first?!

Well today is a happy day...Its September 1st! Fall is on its way! Yay! And along with it the end of the hurricane season. Two hurricanes in a four week period? Maybe it'll give me some more time to work on my washcloths which are coming along very slowly. Hey, this is my first attempt at lace so I've gotta take it easy. It seems there isn't enough time in the day with all the housework and kid stuff and dog stuff and husband stuff......whine whine whine. On top of all that, I've got to figure out how to use my new blog!