Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas FO's

Wow, what a crazy week so far. Well, I’ve somehow managed to finish 2, yes TWO, projects in the last 48 hours.

Aaron’s Christmas stocking was seriously stalled because I chose the smallest cable in the Knit Picks set to use to knit it. I was constantly shuffling the stitches around and if you look closely at it, you can see how uneven they are about 4” into the leg. I mucked up the first few rows on the cable band and for some unknown reason kept it. In the back of my mind I kept thinking, “I’ll probably end up knitting another one for them both a few years down the road…” Uh Huh. Anyhoo, when I switched cables (36” for my scarf and 16” for the stocking- smart huh?) the rest of the dadgum thing flew. It felt great to get it off the needles and great to see his reaction to it, even though its less than perfect.

Next, I quickly cast on for a hat for my sweet and handsome bro-n-law Nathan. It had to be something quick, cool and fit for a guy. I came across The Boy Hat on ravelry and was instantly sold. Great pattern and knit up like frickin’ lightning with Auracania Nature Wool Chunky.

I really disliked the wool from the moment I bought it to the moment I began to cast on. After that, I was totally in love. Great substance and color. I’m definitely using it for more stuff in the future. I bought one skein at the Yarn Garden and once I got about ¾ the way through the hat, began to worry I’d run out. But I had plenty left over and should have used it to add a few rows. My husband has (what I tell him to be) a freakishly large head. He swears to me that Nate’s is the same. Of course, me being the star knitter I am, fail to measure Mike’s head for consideration of gauge. Le Sigh. So after I proudly finish it off and slap it on him to see just how well my lovely hat fits him, he declares its too small. It covers his ears and it’s too small. I’m hoping a good blocking will add a bit of length, but I’m sending it in the Christmas gift package regardless. Grumble grumble….

So 2 FO’s and I’m on to the next big thing….oh wait….what’s that I hear? A child coughing? Yes, Aaron had a moderate asthma attack yesterday that nearly sent me into the corner to eat my hair. There’s nothing quite as horrifying as seeing your child deteriorate and there is nothing you can do but watch nurses and doctors crowd around him. Also, I’m on the flighty/anxious side so after it was all over and his blood oxygen level met the MINIMUM for him to be released, I almost lost my shit right there and then. But I didn’t. I held on. I was strong, sorta.
So I need to start Maya's stocking, finish the One Row Handspun I'm making for the gift swap at X-mas, and also I was toying with throwing caution to the wind and casting on for Tam B from Knitty. I bought some Noro and Cascade when I went to the yarn store for the Nature Wool and I’m so excited it’s ridiculous.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I've lost it....

my mind, my energy and my knitting mojo. I've written down about 2 dozen great scarf patterns and cast on for about 10 and they've all been ripped. We are doing a "present swap" this x-mas and I thought I'd knit a great unisex scarf from some gorgeous green Ultra Alpaca. Its been 1.5 weeks and the only knitting I've done is about 5 rows on Aaron's stocking. Christmas is now what, 2 days away? Ugh. I woke up yesterday with a head cold and suffered through a ridiculously busy day with the kiddos. Kung fu has been put off so far this week. Its really starting to feel rushed, and Manny reprimanded me last Saturday for not punching right!! White belt techniques done wrong by me, a brown belt. I must have looked like shit because he pulled me aside to ask if I was okay. (Damn, was I that bad?!) So I feel bad about that and now I've missed 2 opportunities to learn the second part of this beautiful form. I'm going to have to go on Saturday again and risk getting grilled on basics. Manny keeps wanting me to test at every opportunity and thats great, but just learning the stuff is good enough for me. I do realize to learn more, I'll have to test, but there is no going slow and understanding it!! Just go, go, go!!!
Last weekend, we made the trip down to Knitch. It is a great store. But I didn't find anything I had to have. Thats how low my knitting morale has sunk. They had lots of great roving and even dyeable yarns.....a snugs kit (but only in the small sizes) and Rowan yarns. All of this made me excited, but we are broke right now with the holidays and all. I need a job to support the yarn habit. Le sigh. Anyhoo....I'm going to get back to Knitty - the new winter patterns are up!! Yippee!