Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knitter Down!!

I spent most of Tuesday night reorganizing my rather large mess otherwise known as "mom's knitting chair". Yikes. I can officially say that I think I have a yarn problem. Earlier I made a trip to The Yarn Garden and, well, bought some yarn. So I decided to clean up my area and get focused on the projects I really want to get done. I found 4 UFO's and could only bring myself to frog 2.

My biggest problem is, I don't want to frog it, so I leave my needle in it, then I wonder what the hell has happened to all my needles. Part of my trip to the LYS was to procure some great sock yarn for Mike's tie. He's been asking for a tie for a while now and I've yet to deliver. So being the smartie that I am, I buy a great new skein of Jitterbug
then come home and hold up my yarns for him to choose from. I let him choose between the Jitterbug, some Auracania and Koigu that is so pretty I think I've fallen in love with it. Of course he chose the Koigu.
Curses!! Fortunately for me though, I've discovered that I've only got 1/2 the yardage the pattern calls for!! I feel a little guilty because he's really been looking forward to this tie...for a few years now. Unfortunatley, I'm not sure if I could knit anything right now if I wanted to!

I was trying to get the lid off the dog food can when it snapped off taking some of my hand with it. It wasn't too painful, but I could see the inside of my hand so we went to the Doctor and I've got 4 stitches now. She gave me pain medicine which I thought was a little much for the size of my injury, but last night I understood why. Yowser. I've yet to try and knit, or play video games (my two fave things to do when laid up). We'll see how it all goes. I really want to start a few projects.