Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Fall!!

Yes, I will try and keep up to date on this blog...Life is good. I love being a black belt - although I really and truly miss my fellow brown belts. Chris, Christophe, Quentin (!!Oh, how I miss Quentin!) and Monday nights with my fave teacher Justin. Sigh. But now I get to work out with the people that used to teach me!!! It's crazy! At once exciting and humbling. I am trying my best to work on decluttering our home. I've already sold off some homeschooling books and next are the comics. Any extra cash I can make right now is helps so much.
Our new puppy Miley is so precious! I actually finished a project and began another, making great progress until I was sidetracked by some baby booties.

I bought the yarn just because it was a) the most beautiful shade of orange I'd ever seen and b) I really wanted to make the Ishbel shawl pattern and knew it only required a single skein of sock yarn. SOLD. I was so in love with both the pattern and the shawl that I finished the thing within a week! I love it! I am currently trying to figue out a pattern for some house shoe/booties that will fit me based on a pattern for baby booties. !! I'm almost there. I need to decrease, cast off, seam and see how it fits. From there, I think I'll have a workable pattern.


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