Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Manons washcloths

my first lacework Posted by Hello
These are my 1 1/2 lacy washcloths I'm making for my sister in law Manon. Aren't they lovely?! I started them at my first knitting meetup thinking it was a small project and I could get advice on the stitches from the other knitters there. Surprisingly enough, I didn't need them! Ha! I figured out all those ssk's and psso's all by my little self. After practicing these lacy washcloths I'm hoping to tackle a lacy v-neck in a creme colored sparkly yarn. OOH LA LA! Anyway, with five skeins of the louet euroflax, I should be able to make ten washcloths. By the way, I got the patterns for these out of the knitters stash book. As soon as I find the designer info I will be sure to give credit. They are beautiful and I almost hate to give them away.


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