Sunday, July 06, 2008

Back to black

Well, most of my online time is now being spent on ravelry which is my knitting journal now - plus..GROUPS! Anyhoo..I've decided to embark on yarn dyeing adventures. It is pretty addictive so far. I'm only using Kool Aid and Wilton's Icing coloring, but I've got good enough results to feel hooked. One of the big motivators for me to get started with dyeing is the burning desire for Halloween theme colored yarns. I've seen a few on etsy and ravelry that are awesome, and if I can make some myself....then thats even more awesome!
I've tried hard to get some jack-o-lantern and zombie colors going. Handpainting so far has not been successful. I had all my colors run together. So I tried the stove top in 2 pans with Wiltons:

Red and black was my goal. I think it came out pretty colors, but it's definitely not the colorway I was hoping for.

So I decided to try again. (I have a bunch of Fishermans wool) So I tried handpainting in the crockpot. Everything ran together despite the fact that I wrapped individual skeins in plastic wrap. Out of four skeins, only two came out sorta okay.


Getting true black is more difficult than I thought. So, after some rummaging, I found some glass jars and decided to give it one more go.

I'll post the results when ALL the frickin black dye has been absorbed!


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