Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New news and vampires

Wow. I have no excuses for not blogging for over a year besides the glaring fact that I'm incredibly lazy. Too many things have happened in the past year to recap right now (again with the lazy) so I'll start with whats new now. The kids are back in school and I'm busy practicing for my black belt test. The Grandmaster is coming to town and I'll test for my first black belt next Friday evening. I'm incredibly nervous. Thank the Lord that I'm testing alongside some of the most awesome people ever. Last nights workout didn't seem hard at the time, but I'm feeling it already this morning. My body did not want to move out of the bed this morning. It was a supreme effort of mind over body to get up. Then I was harassed by the puppy who thinks it's awesome fun to put her paws on my feet and lick at me randomly while I stumble around and try and get dressed. Needless to say I was ready to bury her in the backyard by the time I got the kids on the bus. When I came in my husband showed me this ad that was in our paper.

If you look closely at the last line....

I find this endlessly delightful!