Friday, August 27, 2004


This is Under the knitting moon, my new (and first) web log of knitting experiences. I currently have four works in progress with two waiting to be started. One wip is a swim suit I've designed myself. I was supposed to have had it done in time for a beach house vacation in June! It is now almost Sept. and I am only halfway done with other projects now taking priority. Hey, who can blame me for getting excited for my fall wardrobe? It is my favorite time of year! Hopefully with a little finishing, I will soon have a picture up of my newly knitted Cape Mod poncho from the Stitch and Bitch book designed by Melissa Lim. Also, I can post some pics of my lovely lacy washcloths I am making as a gift to my sister in law. As this is the first day of Under The Knitting Moon, I still have mucho work to do on it and I want it to have plenty of great links for all you knitters out there looking for great yarns, designs, patterns and knitters! If anyone wants to suggest links Please feel free!!!