Monday, July 17, 2006

thunderstorm July 11, 2006

thunderstorm July 11, 2006
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Okay, this photo was taken at 3pm. 3 O'clock in the afternoon people. It was so dark I had to turn on all lights like it was 10pm. I knew something was coming and it was bad.
The one most awesome thing about living in Florida for me has been the rain. I grew up in a desert and so rain is always new and exciting to me...hopeful if you will. This baby scared me. There was more rain in this storm than in some of the hurricanes that have passed by in the last 2 years! This one photo hardly captures the dark and foreboding nature of this particular storm, but you'll just have to trust was awesome! As I took this, it was just beginning to rain and only five minutes before, it had been bright and sunny.

Thunderstorms and more hats...

Apple hat take 2
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Its late on a Monday nite of all nites and I'm updating my blog because I was without internet for like .... SEVEN DAYS!!! Although the only really necessary thing I need the internet for is banking, not having access to my knitting blogging free patterning world was only making my stress levels rise by leaps and bounds. In the meantime I finished another apple hat for my husbands boss. Awesome. Imagine starting and finishing a knit project that has definite potential for being used! After this, all knitting has somehow come to a complete standstill. Moving is busy work I suppose. Although my evenings are still pretty free, I haven't picked up any knitting for like...many days. I don't really have an urge to and right now, that is okay with me. My husband is working hard so he can end his time at his current job with no worries which leaves me home alone with 2 young kids 12-13 hours a day, cooking, cleaning, boxing, shopping, planning, calling, boxing, organizing, and basically stressing.
I'm a little sad to leave tropical Florida. But then I see alligators and the swamp and I'm so ready to leave.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Apple hat

Apple hat
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Happy belated 4th of July!! We had a good holiday here despite my everlasting cold. The kids got to see lots of fireworks and miraculously no one on our street needed emergency medical care. I started this hat on Tuesday and finished it yesterday. I chose the 1yr size to make, but instead of 5 sts I got 6sts/inch. Yep. Anyway, the hat is smaller than it should be but it will fit some baby somewhere. After I finished it and held it up, the kids tried to snatch it from me and claim it for their own and my husband wanted to give it to a co-worker who is expecting. I practically had to hide it away out of site. These people had no control in the presence of the wool knitted item. Maybe there is hope for them after all. So of course, I have to make more now.
In other good news Sizzle is finally up for purchase! I really like this design and I'm excited to knit it, but of course there is no yarn! Also the new Knitty is finally up! Finally! So, I'll be shipping out my apple hat to the WIC program in MA since it's made of wool. (In case you don't know about this charity project check out Stephanie's site)
And I'm getting to the instep part of Mike's sock so thats almost done too. Maya is already suspicious about why I'm not working on her sweater. I don't know what to do. Now that knitpicks has needles I want to get some of the smaller sizes too.... ah hell, I'll just pick out some stuff and try and place my order by phone.
Only 2 more weeks here in FL so I'm going to try and hit up 2 of the LYS's before I go. Memento yarn, you know.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Non-knitting weekend

We've been so busy this past week! Another open house on Saturday. I think it went okay, a little slower than the first. Someone has to like our house! Anyway. After a week of colds and constant cleaning, I got to go out with my girlfriend on Saturday night. It was her and her husband and two army helicopter pilots in training. Ya, thats right, I went out sans hubby with 2 of America's finest. Actually, they were great guys and gentlemen the entire time (through at least 4 shots and countless beers). I had fun. It was the first time I've been in a club since I was 19! Wow almost ten years! I love Valerie's husband Derek. He is hilarious! It's been so cool to be here in Tampa with them and I'm hoping that we can spend some more time together (not in a club) before we all go our separate ways.
Earlier on Saturday, since I had to stay away from the house, I drove the kids up to the first yarn store I ever shopped at. Fiber Arts in Odessa. She has changed her stock since the last time I was there and she had some AWESOME stuff. Most of which, I couldn't afford, so I bought 2 skeins of Elsbeth Lavold's Angora and 2 of Debbie Bliss' Alpaca Silk for scarfs or hats for the kids. I've decided I've got to hit this store again before we move. So I redid my knitting to-do list (which apparantly needs updating every month) and there are now 14 knitted items on there where I actually have all yarn and supplies for. 14.
For some strange reason, this excites me. I love knitting. I think its the only thing thats kept me sane the past 3 years. But alas, there is bad news on the sweater front. For Maya's flower pullover, I cannot get gauge! So I thought I'd just knit with size 7's the next size up. But guess what....not enough yarn. I figure I'm 20 yards short. Of course I ordered this yarn from KnitPicks so I'm gonna have to call and see if they can match the dyelot. Oiy. Maybe I should just buy enough in a different blue....Somebody stop me.