Thursday, March 27, 2008

Knitter Down, take two....

Well, just as I'm getting myself together and making it back to the external program at the Shaolin Center when what happens?... I make a rookie mistake (pull back your toes for frick's sake!): front kick toe jam. ARG! Make no mistake about it, this hurts. This all happened last night after I made it through a painful second day back in Kung Fu. I thought I was home free until they said we'd spar the last 10 minutes of class. I'm so out of practice it makes me sick! Anyway, today was the kid's Boosterthon and it feels like I walked miles. My foot is sore to the 10th degree.
I've been knitting a new sweater: Forecast by Stephanie Japel and its been a lot of fun so far. I want to slip it on some holders and try it on. I cast on for the M size and I haven't checked my gauge so far (smart, huh?) but it is so cool looking and I'm picturing myself wearing it in Sept/Oct. Meanwhile, some of my other knitting has been put to good use.

With Aaron and I getting the flu, then the following sinus trouble and hand injuries, I guess I wore these things out. Yowsa. I really like these slippers and will probably make another pair for next winter.