Thursday, November 16, 2006

Still here

Ya, I'm still here. In a spankin new house and LOVING it! Now if I could only get myself organized enough to get down to the knit in at the LYS! The weather here is getting cold (yay!?) and much wool has been sorted through. Aaron's sweater has been getting a lot of use and I love that whenever he puts it on, I can smell the wool. I took the kids to Mc Donald's the other day and one of the employee's commented on it and asked how many stitches were in it? I don't know, she didn't speak good english and I don't speak Spanish. Curses.
I've frogged Maya's Odessa twice now. Oh well third times the charm right? And I've started a pair of toe up socks for her in some cool Regia yarn. I got the short row toe thing down but snipped a part of the sock instead of the crochet cast on to start knitting in the round because I had a little too much chardonay (did I mention I'm enjoying the new house?). More pictures and knitting to come.