Saturday, September 05, 2009


Wow! I'm a Black Belt!! I can't believe it. It seems too good to be true! In two more days, I will attend my first Black Belt class. Granted I will probably get my ass handed to me (there's that darned "initiation" thing) but I truly feel like a new student again. That feeling is worth all the past effort, pain, blood, sweat and tears.
The test went well. I was a nervous wreck ALL WEEK. When we finally took the floor, I felt surprisingly numb. Grandmaster The' was there speaking and I was so enchanted by that I forgot to pay attention to what he was saying 99% of the time. The result of that was that I got a few forms confused and was doing something different than the rest of the testing students. WHOOPS! I rocked the rest of the forms and did even better on my second test which was to second Brown Sash in Tai Chi. The greatest bonus was the fact that so many of my fellow test-ees are good friends. It is a wonderful feeling to be with such a large group of people you care about and all be doing something important and fun together. Two words to describe the night: Gratitude and Relief!


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