Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bad news. I cannot find my Halloween decorations! Now I'll have to wait for hubby to get home so he can root around in the attic for them. Sigh.... I got the kids all worked up about finding them and getting the house ready and they were disappointed. Anyway, I have been working on my granny square shawl and I like the colors I chose more now than I did when I bought the skeins. I just wonder if I'll have enough left over to sew them all together! There are SO many projects I have going that I'm starting to get mad at myself for getting carried away. Now I have to prioritize them and some of the ones I was excited about will be postponed! Arg! I'm glad I'm not trying to knit any Christmas gifts! As it is I haven't picked up where I left off on the washcloths which are a gift. I realize now that I must stop the shawl and finish three more washcloths to send to my SIL.
If choosing which of my knitting projects to do first is my biggest problem, then I'm living in a paradise!


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Gracie said...

How did your house do with Ivan? At least when you had to evacuate, you could check out some LYSes!


At 9:56 AM, Blogger veronica said...

Our home did just fine despite the fact we are in one of the first evacuation zones! We had lots of downed branches and stuff, but our roof is new so we had that going for us. We have been very lucky through all three hurricanes. The only bright spot was all the free knitting time and getting to travel to new Yarn stores!


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