Friday, September 10, 2004

*&%$# Hurricanes!!!!

We've survived Charley, then Frances. Now, we must face Ivan. Well, if you consider turning tail and headin for the hills facing it, then we are pretty much facing it. Tommorrow we will begin our journey toward Atlanta and auntie Linda's house with electricity and running water and most importantly NO HURRICANES. The bright spot to all this is that I've got three pages of yarn stores to map out. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to visit more than one! Yipee! Oh yeah, my home is in the path of impending doom. Sigh, oh well. Talk about knitting for stress relief. I brought some of my valuables up to my moms house (she is out of storm surge range from the bay) for drier safe keeping and of course this included some, okay, most of my yarn stash. In it I discovered a forgotten project: a mohair and ribbon shawl. ZZZZZZzzzzzzz, very boring. I want to look for new ideas. Maybe I'll find some at, perhaps, a yarn store!?
I'll be so happy when Ivan passes and there better be no more freaken hurricanes this season!!! As soon as the storm passes (and if autie linda has internet access) I will post some more pics.


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