Monday, September 06, 2004

Post Frances Post

Well, its over. Mostly over anyway. There is still lots of wind and some rain, but Hurricane Frances has moved on and now I am left with the clean up. Thankfully my cleanup only involves some raking and house cleaning. My girlfriend who lives but five minutes from us had some serious street flooding so we are very lucky. We stayed with my parents during the worst of the storm and I did manage in that time to finish the second washcloth and start the third. I am getting ancy to start the Kyoto sweater, but at the same time I want to finish these damn washcloths to get off to Manon. Sigh...... I'll just suck it up and finish the washcloths first. This hurricane has given us the first cool breeze in like five months so I am getting excited thinking about my fall wardrobe.


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