Thursday, July 06, 2006

Apple hat

Apple hat
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Happy belated 4th of July!! We had a good holiday here despite my everlasting cold. The kids got to see lots of fireworks and miraculously no one on our street needed emergency medical care. I started this hat on Tuesday and finished it yesterday. I chose the 1yr size to make, but instead of 5 sts I got 6sts/inch. Yep. Anyway, the hat is smaller than it should be but it will fit some baby somewhere. After I finished it and held it up, the kids tried to snatch it from me and claim it for their own and my husband wanted to give it to a co-worker who is expecting. I practically had to hide it away out of site. These people had no control in the presence of the wool knitted item. Maybe there is hope for them after all. So of course, I have to make more now.
In other good news Sizzle is finally up for purchase! I really like this design and I'm excited to knit it, but of course there is no yarn! Also the new Knitty is finally up! Finally! So, I'll be shipping out my apple hat to the WIC program in MA since it's made of wool. (In case you don't know about this charity project check out Stephanie's site)
And I'm getting to the instep part of Mike's sock so thats almost done too. Maya is already suspicious about why I'm not working on her sweater. I don't know what to do. Now that knitpicks has needles I want to get some of the smaller sizes too.... ah hell, I'll just pick out some stuff and try and place my order by phone.
Only 2 more weeks here in FL so I'm going to try and hit up 2 of the LYS's before I go. Memento yarn, you know.


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