Monday, July 03, 2006

Non-knitting weekend

We've been so busy this past week! Another open house on Saturday. I think it went okay, a little slower than the first. Someone has to like our house! Anyway. After a week of colds and constant cleaning, I got to go out with my girlfriend on Saturday night. It was her and her husband and two army helicopter pilots in training. Ya, thats right, I went out sans hubby with 2 of America's finest. Actually, they were great guys and gentlemen the entire time (through at least 4 shots and countless beers). I had fun. It was the first time I've been in a club since I was 19! Wow almost ten years! I love Valerie's husband Derek. He is hilarious! It's been so cool to be here in Tampa with them and I'm hoping that we can spend some more time together (not in a club) before we all go our separate ways.
Earlier on Saturday, since I had to stay away from the house, I drove the kids up to the first yarn store I ever shopped at. Fiber Arts in Odessa. She has changed her stock since the last time I was there and she had some AWESOME stuff. Most of which, I couldn't afford, so I bought 2 skeins of Elsbeth Lavold's Angora and 2 of Debbie Bliss' Alpaca Silk for scarfs or hats for the kids. I've decided I've got to hit this store again before we move. So I redid my knitting to-do list (which apparantly needs updating every month) and there are now 14 knitted items on there where I actually have all yarn and supplies for. 14.
For some strange reason, this excites me. I love knitting. I think its the only thing thats kept me sane the past 3 years. But alas, there is bad news on the sweater front. For Maya's flower pullover, I cannot get gauge! So I thought I'd just knit with size 7's the next size up. But guess what....not enough yarn. I figure I'm 20 yards short. Of course I ordered this yarn from KnitPicks so I'm gonna have to call and see if they can match the dyelot. Oiy. Maybe I should just buy enough in a different blue....Somebody stop me.


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