Monday, July 17, 2006

Thunderstorms and more hats...

Apple hat take 2
Originally uploaded by samuraisqurl.
Its late on a Monday nite of all nites and I'm updating my blog because I was without internet for like .... SEVEN DAYS!!! Although the only really necessary thing I need the internet for is banking, not having access to my knitting blogging free patterning world was only making my stress levels rise by leaps and bounds. In the meantime I finished another apple hat for my husbands boss. Awesome. Imagine starting and finishing a knit project that has definite potential for being used! After this, all knitting has somehow come to a complete standstill. Moving is busy work I suppose. Although my evenings are still pretty free, I haven't picked up any knitting for like...many days. I don't really have an urge to and right now, that is okay with me. My husband is working hard so he can end his time at his current job with no worries which leaves me home alone with 2 young kids 12-13 hours a day, cooking, cleaning, boxing, shopping, planning, calling, boxing, organizing, and basically stressing.
I'm a little sad to leave tropical Florida. But then I see alligators and the swamp and I'm so ready to leave.


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