Wednesday, June 14, 2006

invisible seam

invisible seam
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I ordered some yarn from KnitPicks for her pullover yesterday. Last weekend we made a trip to the LYS to look at wool for it and there were too many colors to choose from! Seriously. So I left with nothing. Then yesterday, while doing my morning yarn store surf Maya and I saw that the Andean Silk was the perfect gauge and an interesting blend of fibers. So we order! Yay! I’m wondering if there is a yarn review of this yarn somewheres on the internets. I’m excited to make her sweater. Especially since I realized my seaming was crap and got the invisible seaming thing DOWN thanks to Brilliant site! That is the third time I’ve been able to go there and get great help. I was kinda hoping that the lys would have some of that Ultra Alpaca but I guess that’s for fall so they don’t have it yet. I love that Berroco has so many shades available, but I hate that they discontinue their yarns after a while.
I still haven’t made a gauge swatch for Grannie Smith, but I so like the look of her sweater, I’m truly worried my Alpaca yarn won’t look the same. May have to order some Kidsilk haze. It’ll be a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Also saw this. I love it!! Too bad I don’t know any baby girls. Well, actually I do. But she’s brand new. Maybe I’ll save this one for her first birthday. It’s awesome but I don’t think I would knit one for myself.


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