Wednesday, June 21, 2006

EVidence of my Finished projects!

Fo's for babies
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Even in the morning they're beautiful (of course I could be prejudiced) so I got my models to model their new knitted clothing. I still haven't gotten to blocking the sweater. If it looks good now, I wonder what will happen after I block it! It's a smidge on the big side for him, but I'm hoping that way he might get another years worth of use out of it. It is SO FREAKING SOFT. I checked all my other skeins of Paton's classic wool and no other color except for this dark gray is this soft. ? Even at Joann's the skeins seem to be like this. Its confusing. I would love to buy some of this soft wool for my Ribby Cardi, but I don't want to make it dark gray. Besides, I know Aaron loves his mommy but matching Mom and Son sweaters may be going overboard.
Yay for FO's!! And yay for warm babies!!


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