Thursday, June 15, 2006

putting on the zipper

putting on the zipper
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Whew. It feels like forever since the last post even though I know it wasn’t that long. I’ve been working on finishing Aaron’s sweater non stop. On Tuesday, I had one heck of a crick in my neck from knitting all day Monday (apparently with my shoulders around my ears). Today is better. More finishing. I am 98.5% complete. All that is left is to finish applying the zipper and blocking. I probably shouldn’t have stopped halfway through this process but I had to pretend like I knew what we were having for dinner. What I came up with looks so bad I think I should throw it out pan and all.


At 7:05 PM, Blogger Dory said...

FYI: I'm making "Gibson Girl Pullover" using "Angora Soft" from K1C2 which is labeled at 20 stitches/4 in on US#7.

I'm getting gauge with #7 needles. Knit in the round to the arm holes as a good way to learn the pattern -- it's a toughy since the wrong side rows have YOs and purl 2 tog through back loop craziness. Very confusing. By armpits it's at least starting to sink in and knitting flat is less difficult.

I googled "Gibson Girl Pullover" looking for others who have made it. Found you! I'd say you can use a lot of different yarns by just changing the needle size. After all, it's lace and won't matter a huge amount if it's looser. I actually switched to a size five for the decrease in the waist to avoid having to do too much actual decreasing with this complex pattern.


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