Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The next project

Yarn for the pullover
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I hate being in this gotta sell the house limbo. I feel like there are a million things to be taking care of and like I have no clue as to what they are. So giving myself more things to do is the only logical solution to this problem (in my mind anyway). Some "more things" include a new knitting project I want to begin right away. This cute pullover sweater for Maya that I found in Family Circle's Easy Knitting Spring/Summer issue. It's really cute with a twisted border at the cuffs, bottom and collar. I bought some Andean Silk Twist from Knitpicks for it and it is very soft. I figured she would be wearing it against her skin so it had to be soft yarn. I let her choose the colors and crossed my fingers that they would go well together. They don't look as great as I'd hoped but they'll do (she really likes them) and maybe it'll look better knitted up.
I worked on a gauge swatch yesterday. Its always the same thing with me and the gauge swatches: first I stomp around the yarn looking at it longingly wishing I could just knit it and not waste time (and yarn!) on an f*^#ing swatch! Then I give in, find the needles and cast on the 30 sts. I knit the sucker really fast, feeling better about myself and the kind of knitter I am for doing such a good gauge swatch. Finally done I whip out the measuring tape and realize instead of 5.25sts/inch, I'm getting 5.64sts/inch. I remeasure the damn thing about forty times and get more and more pissed off each time (as a side note: I think my measuring skills are improving). Then I frog back the swatch and put the yarn away for the night. I know that one doesn't always get gauge on the first try, but I was so sure with this one I would be. I had visions of myself knitting the back piece of this today. Of course thats not happening. Anyway. Despite the amount of yarn and projects in the queue, this is the ONLY thing I really want to knit right now. I started Mike's socks and out of sheer heel turning entertainment purposes that one has managed to stay alive, but nothing else is interesting to me.
Good thing the LYS is having a sale this Saturday. Insert evil laugh here. There are four projects I want to make and I've got my yardage requirements all written out for shopping purposes. One of these projects is a sweater for my beloved husband who recently told me he "just doesn't like sweaters. Not on anyone." WTF?! He'll learn to like sweaters if thats what it takes! The sweater I want to make him is Piers from Vintage knits for crying out loud!! He'll look like Fabio or something! What's he whining about?! How can someone who's lived in Salt Lake City not like sweaters? Come on!


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