Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bad zippers, good belts

ARG! Me hates sewing. I suck at it. But how else does one attach a zipper? How, I ask you?
Look at the lovely jog in the front. Apparently, my ability to match up the sides leaves a bit to be desired. UGH! I spent most of the afternoon yesterday sewing the damn thing on, now I'm gonna have to go undo it all?! Thank goodness they've extended the deadline. The saddest part about all this is, as I'm going to post about my FO, I look at the uploaded picture thinking, "wow, that looks crooked". Duh.
In other news...... Looky what I accomplished last night.

Six long forms, 30 self defense, 19 kumite, 20 sparring, 16 nunchaku spins and 30 short forms later, I received my brown belt. AWESOME! I stayed after my hour long test to join the brown belt class which was as challenging as I expected and that was mostly because my legs were literally shaking with fatigue by then. But from this point on, I will be learning all animal forms which is unbelievably cool for me. Kung fu is so pretty that just doing the animal forms is a joy. Also, eventually they'll give me sword! A SWORD people!!!! Mine! I'll learn how to use it!! Holy frick I love this stuff!


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