Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wool is best

Ack! I think I have knitters block. I feel like I've abandoned all projects. Maya's sweater is now in its 3rd incarnation and I don't think its gonna make it. I like Ella Rae yarns, but Amity is just too much acrylic for me. I can't take it anymore. So how do you solve a knitting project problem? Well, in this house you throw more (new) yarn at it. This stuff is right on gauge, but also with too much acrylic and Maya said she didn't like the color.


I pulled my Pom's out and they look lovely, but I'm considering just completely starting the second one over. I still don't know about my Leyburns.
Not having anything in progress that I wanted to work on, I opted to cast on for Aaron's sweater. Again, with the acrylic. Why oh why did I agree to this yarn? Wool is always best.


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