Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September already!

Wow. Just got back from Kung Fu and my body is Tired! I ran about a whole mile yesterday and today my entire torso is sore. ? I'm not sure why its my torso and not my legs but okay. This week is cardio week so I'll probably run again tomorrow morning after the kids get on the bus. It was really nice going though. I haven't been to class in few weeks now and I realize now how I missed it! Lots of upper belts are gearing up to test this weekend with the Grandmaster so there was lots of excitement in the air. At one point I looked over and saw a black sash/belt (who is a woman, woot!) and her belt was hanging a little low and I thought to myself, "gee, she needs to pull that thing up, her gi top is really poofing out". Only minutes later I realized the black belt who is practicing a broad sword form is about 6-7 months pregnant! I love my school.
Back here at chez dog hair, we are continuing to share the cold germs and now Maya has fallen sick. ARG! She's a trooper though and eats her weight in fruit everyday so I'm not too worried about her.
I've been knitting on Maya's sweater and have gotten one skein into it. The color is lovely and the yarn is making a nice thick fabric.

Pardon my craptastic photo, I was trying to take the picture before the battery died.
I'm so tired of all my WIP's. I want to start something new. I've decided to make a Hemlock Ring Blanket and a Baby Surprise Jacket for charity. I also have been eyeballing the xmas stocking patterns and yarn as well as some black-ish cotton ease I want to use to make Maya a batty dishcloth (she loooooves bats). I went to the LYS again today and left with another skein of sock yarn (for chrissakes somebody STOP me!!!!) and The Opinionated Knitter. I went to find a machine washable aran weight yarn in some shade of maroon. No luck.


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