Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New week, new projects

Whew! If I don't stop getting sick, I'm afraid my sinuses will be so screwed that I won't be able to smell/taste anything! ARG! Anyhoo, in light of me being sick, surfing on ravelry (cuz apparently looking at my knitting is funner than knitting my knitting) and joining a new KAL, I have cast on for a Tomten Jacket. Yum. I'm using my Peace Fleece and I'm beginning to think that people find wool itchy are wearing sweaters with lots of veggie matter in the wool! There is SO MUCH matter in this one skeing I can barely believe it! Besides that, the wool is so nice. Tough wool. Natural wool.

I'm sending the Jacket to Afghans for Afghans when its done. And that has to be before 10/12! Yikes! I'm at 14 garter ridges. Yep, I should be knitting and instead I'm on the computer again. Really I'm just waiting for this decongestant to kick in. Le sigh.
If there is time/wool, I will also whip up some socks or add a hood. I'm really unsure of the yardage for this baby. The gauge and sizing also had me a bit vexed; it needs to fit ages 7 - 14 years. I didn't think my gauge would be large enough for that but it is!! Yay!

I've also made a bit of progress on my Hemlock.

Originally, I told myself that if I worked 5 rows a day, that would be plenty good enough. It seems to be a quick knit and its SO fun to see your knitting grow
and take shape so quickly. I think the recipient will love it!


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