Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Post Birthday

For the past 3 days, I've actually felt NORMAL! I was sick for like 3 weeks straight and it feels good to be normal again! Only 2 days of Antibiotics left. Yay! I really didn't get much knitting done this weekend. My birthday was yesterday so we kinda celebrated over Sat and Sun. Nothing big. Lunch and shopping at the Forum, then dinner and a pumpkin chocolate cake on Sunday night. I also got to Joann's for some fabric to make some chair seat covers. I was foolish enough to choose chairs with cushions on them, now they're ruined! Mind you we've only had this table/chair set for one year! I guess kids with dirty hands will do that. So making a slipcover for the seat makes sense. Something removable and washable. They really only had 2 fabrics I liked!! My mom helped me come up with a pattern and now I'm on my own. Me and the sewing machine don't mix. Ugh. This is gonna be interesting.
Also, I've been reading Laurie's book. I love her so much! I also bought a book on Shambhala that is very interesting. So thats what I've been doing instead of knitting. I did get through with the right sleeve on the Tomten yesterday. Its official. NOT a size 7. More like 3-4!!! I'm determined to finish it though. The laziness in me is telling me that I should put it aside and finish when I can since it won't fit the criteria for their Oct. 12 deadline. I mean, I still have to do the other sleeve, finish the hood, the seaming and attach the zipper!! This tomten has been fun to knit though. EZ is always a mind trip for me because she requires me to think when usually its challenge enough to follow a pattern without error! The yarn is great. I thought it was a bit itchy and raw at first, but it seems to be getting softer the more I knit with it, and I've heard that PF can bloom and soften quite a bit after washing.

I should be working on Maya's sweater, Aaron's sweater and Linda's Hemlock!! She won't be here for Christmas so I need to finish it sooner than I thought.


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