Sunday, August 26, 2007


What a long weekend this has been. I caught a cold and started feeling crappy Thursday night. Friday night we had dinner company so I spent a lot of time on my feet and it just about did me in. My body ached so bad that getting up out of bed was like taking a punch to the gut. I felt so bad that I didn't even want to knit! When I did feel better, I ripped back on the Leyburns and worked some extra increases in before I got to the heel. Toe up socks just don't seem to fit right at the heel! UGH! I am so determined to make this pattern work for me that I inc early, did an extra deep heel (2 rows) and kept my sts inc early on to make up for the tight fit. Now its too big. It looks silly. I'm thinking that maybe I should just rip back and start over completely. Maybe finish my Pomatomus' first. Start something new. Wind my Araucania into a cake and start the Artichoke Socks. I don't know. It's going to be September soon and I want to have the kids' sweaters finished. Maya's sweater with the gauge issues seems to be vexing me. I decided the Plush yarn is soft, but won't hold up to the kind of use she'll put it through. UGH! I don't have yarn the gauge needed for the pattern.
Aaron's sweater is tempting me, but I have guilt about starting his when hers was first and now will be put aside. I need to start the Backyard Leaves scarf as its a present and at this rate, I'll barely get it done in time for Xmas. Also, theres the christmas stockings!! As long as I get the kids' stockings done, it'll be okay. Mike and I can wait another year.
So its Sunday and I'm feeling a bit better. Gearing up for another week of school. Lots of errands and knitting to do!

okay, now that I've added pictures of the sock, it doesn't seem too bad. But still, its a little big around the leg. I've got bird legs okay?! Large ankles + small calves = hard to make hand knit toe-up socks?


At 8:48 PM, Blogger Mouse said...

I love the way toe-up socks fit.. but even with the MisoCrafty heel tutorial I'm still getting HUGE holes .


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