Sunday, August 19, 2007

More socks

Since I've put away my Pomatomus', I snatched up another ball of Bearfoot and cast on. Unfortunately it was the wrong color for the socks I was knitting: Leyburn by Mintyfresh. It turned out okay though, I messed up the toe and a repeat so I took it off and started over with the right colorway.

This is starting to be a bit familiar, everytime I try and start a pair of socks, something goes wrong and I end up frogging and restarting! Good thing my love of knitting is pure and blind and I don't care if I start over a million times.

Maya's sweater is coming along too. The gauge is definitely off, so I'm trying to decide if its time to divide the sleeves from the body yet. There seems to be lots of projects to work on, and I've added a lot to the queue on ravelry. There are 3 new babies coming and I want to knit for all of them. I knit a Saartje's Bootie, but promptly misplaced it. I have no buttons. I don't know the sex of one of the babies....I need to find some patterns for these kids ASAP.


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Christina said...

Sorry to hear about your Pomatomus'. I love the design of your new project, though! And don't worry, I think all knitters have their fair share of false-starts.

I'm also knitting those booties. I have one finished (well, almost), and am working on the second. I just posted a pic on my blog today.


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