Friday, August 10, 2007

August 2007, the month of Ravelry

The lack of posting is due to ravelry overdosing. Also, as a result of my Ravelry fever, my Flickr uploads are maxed already for the month and its only the 10th! Ugh!
One of the coolest things about Ravelry is getting to see other peoples FO's. All the modifications they may make, the colors they choose, the body's so interesting and is changing the way I think about knitting. The only bad thing is sometimes you come across an awesome FO and the knitter hasn't really written any descriptive notes on the process, not to mention the hours wasted staring at your computer screen.
Anyhoo...all the sock knitting I've been doing lately has gotten lots of ooohs and ahhhhs from the fam. My dad has asked me twice now, "when am I going to get something?" and "is that for me?" Ack! I absolutely adore this man..I love him more than I can say. I'm worried my knitting skills are not good enough to give him something worthy of....him. I don't think I want to make socks: its usually a crap shoot that the socks I make for myself will fit, let alone someone else. A scarf? I don't think he'd use it. He might use a hat during the colder months but I'm not sure. I would absolutely LOVE to make him a sweater or vest, but I'm unsure about his chest measurement and don't want to give myself away by whipping out the measuring tape. A ribwarmer? Tomten? (have you seen Brooklyn Tweed's?!!) I want him to have something useful and comforterable. Nothing too fancy or intricate. I'm really at a loss! You know what this means....yep, more pattern hunting on Ravelry.

And because I hate posting without pictures, here's a random one from the Buffett concert a few years back.

Yep, this is how we roll. BTW, thats my friend Val and her hubby Derek. They're awesome can't you tell?


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