Monday, July 16, 2007

Waiting and bogging

I've been waiting and watching for the mailman for the past 5 days now and its starting to get on my nerves. I was SURE that one of my two expected packages would come Saturday. Nothing. I was so disappointed that I grabbed some old Cotton Ease and cast on 120sts. I decided to make a Baby Bog Jacket (from EZ's Knitting Around) the rest of my current projects be damned. The area next to the loveseat in our living room looks like a knitting explosion. I have bags of bags of yarn. Lots of yarn. New yarn. Old yarn. Needles, notebooks and patterns stacked. I'm getting disgusted with myself and now....? Waiting for more knitting packages. Somebody Stop Me!!!

Here is a picture of some of the projects that reside in the knitting pile.

At the top is the Baby Bog, the darker purple is the beginning of a Kimono Shawl and the lighter purple is a mostly done shrug; pattern from Fitted Knits. I should have been working on the shrug because it needs to be done for Maya before school starts and I'm soooo close to finishing it. There is really no excuse. I just want to knit more socks. Those Embossed Leaves socks were so much fun that all the other WIP's are really just languishing. The Pomatomus cuff I knitted is just sitting there on the shelf driving me batty. I'm so excited to get those darn Knitpicks DPN's its ridiculous. Hopefully today will be the day they come...


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