Friday, July 27, 2007

Pomatomus is...

In a word...


I think I never really liked knitting socks because I wasn't knitting something patterned. Plain socks are very nice to have, but knitting these lace pattern socks is sheer joy! I'm simple, what can I say? The picture was taken after one complete pattern repeat plus 3 rows into the second. Thank goodness this yarn is resiliant! I started over 3 times (just like the embossed leaves pattern). I started out with the dpns from KnitPicks and they were great, but my hands just were NOT used to dpns and I gave up and put the thing on a circular. I knew these socks were supposed to have a lot of stretch and I figured I'd use a size smaller needle. Mistake. I tried the thing on after taking this picture and barely got it over my heel!! So I've switched needles to the next size up and the knitting is much easier!! I had a hell of a time with the ktbl's with those tiny needles! When I look at the sock, I can tell the gauge difference, but I'm not sweating it. I'm making these socks for sheer enjoyment and wear, they don't have to be perfect. This one will never slide down my leg at least!!
I'm at the end of the second repeat now (its going so fast!!) and I think I can get through the third and maybe the first part of the heel flap by bedtime.
In other yarn news...this:

became this:

and will soon be reincarnated into Backyard Leaves.


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