Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back to Bags

After yesterday's pity party post, I decided to take a picture of my knitting area.


Yes its a disorganized mess.


Wow!! Look at all that yarn! And thats just the stuff thats in the living room. Awesome. Go me!
Sometimes I think about putting some of the wool away, but I can never bring myself to do it. I keep thinking that I'll start all these projects soon. Instead of starting them, I just add more projects (and yarn) to the list. This is why I need to get organized. I've only gotten nerdy enough to get a binder and put my WIP's in plastic protectors. But after looking at these photos I think I may need something more. Like maybe an intervention!

Speaking of more.....one of my long awaited packages did come in the mail today!!!!



A Namaste Everyday knitting bag in Brick Red.

Oh isn't it beautiful?

I took a picture of the inside to show ALL the (many) pockets but it was too dark. This sucker is much bigger than I'd imagined it. I think I could fit a sweater plus another WIP in there!! I am soooooo excited to start using it I can hardly stand it.

I usually don't splurge on purses. Nope, not even the $69 I spent on this one. But I was perusing the knittinghelpforum one day and there was a thread about knitting bags. I'd come very close to buying a green mountain knitting bag before, but they were too pricey and I didn't really like any of the handles. Anyway, I started looking at all the bags and then at the online stores. This evolved into handbag shopping in general and I figured I'd spend just as much on a nice big handbag at a department store so I might as well get the one I liked best. This one.

Now all I need are my knitpicks needles and I'll be set. Set for socks that is! I found an absolutely awesome sock pattern from Pepperknits. They are the Leyburn socks. A skein of the Bearfoot would work perfectly with this pattern I think. But right now I'm going to go play with my new bag!


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