Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No mail = no knitting

Baby Bog July 24
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I was stunned when I failed to receive any KnitPicks package in the mail over the weekend. Devastating as this was, I was in a cranky mood all weekend except for Friday cuz that was Maya's 7th birthday. Her party will actually be this Saturday, but of course we had a little pizza party with presents on Fri.
So I didn't really pick up the needles and work on anything all weekend even though I carried around my new knitting bag (with 2 to 3 projects in it) everywhere we went. I did try and continue on my Pomatomus sock, but it is hard doing tbl with blunt needles! I screwed up the pattern repeat and frogged the WHOLE thing. I'm doing my best trying to sit tight and wait for those KnitPicks needles to arrive. After calling customer service (today was the 15th day) we discovered that it had a postal number, but was nowhere to be found! She (regrettably I didn't catch her name) is shipping me a whole new set! This makes me happy even though it means more waiting. In the mean time...I've plotted out the socks to make out of the 4 skeins of Bearfoot: Pomatomus, Leyburn, Bells and Whistles and Flickering Flame socks. I can barely wait!! Must. Knit. Socks.

In other news, the joy and excitement I felt at the discovery that Mrs. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee will be coming to Atlanta can only be matched by one other thing....
Meeting this man

Mr. James Marsters (aka Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Plans were made a year ago to make a family trip to the DragonCon Convention in Atlanta and although I faithfully checked many times, never saw his name on the roster. Lo and behold, as we checked on Saturday (looking for Darth Vader pictures for Maya) I saw his name on the confirmed guest list. The edges of my vision may have gotten black and I may have jumped up so fast that a child flew off my lap. I have had a crush on this dude for a while now. Also, Brent Spiner will be there, Q, the Ghosthunter guys....I could go on but I'm getting too excited again. 4 days of Sci-Fi fun. Now just to figure out how to ask Mr. Marsters to hold my sock while I take a picture.....without him calling security....


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Christina said...

Omigod, omigod! I love Spike! He's going to be here? IN ATLANTA?

We're both members of the Atlanta Ravelry group, btw, and I noticed we had a lot in common.

Your avatar was what caught my attention. Seven Samuri, right?

Check out the Subtitle Knitters group. I would have joined the Martial Arts one that you belong to, but I don't actually practice any martial arts, but am OBSESSED with martial art movies. I figured I didn't qualify for that one! (I plan on taking classes in the future, as well as sign my sons up, but right now I'm 7 months pregnant and it probably wouldn't be a good idea.)

Anyhow, had to comment when I saw James Marsters. I'll have to check out DragonCon.

And, btw, I'm Peachtreeknitte on ravelry.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Mouse said...

James Marsters is going to be in Atlanta? Dear god.. that's close enough to get me in serious trouble!!! If you want him to hold your sock I can distract him.. though I'm not sure it will keep either one of us out of jail!
I'm a fellow Ravel-er as well.. and we live in the same place and have the same LYS.


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