Sunday, December 10, 2006

Long post...

Yes, I'm alive! I hate that I haven't been posting here. That is mostly because I feel "so busy" and have no time for posting. But more likely I feel the need to post pictures lest my blog be too boring. Also, there is new technology I'm using that I'm not sure how to use. I'm lucky to be posting here successfully!
Anyway, the only FO I have to show for the last 2 months is Odessa for Maya. She loves it! Wears it every day to school and hasn't lost it yet. I love her. Holidays have been awesome and this house...there are no words for the gratitude I feel for being where we are. Christmas is coming up so fast though! We were thrown for a loop with the stomach flu for like 10 days. Everyone caught it but me. Miraculously. Literally. Between taking care of 3 other sick people and cleaning up after various...ahem...accidents...and being obsessed with catching up on previous seasons of 24..I'm surprised I'm bathed and well fed. Since we arrived in GA, there hasn't been much of the knitting urge until lately. After Maya wore my hat all week and the temp was below 25 degrees outside (brrrrrrr!) I decided that I too needed a hat (mostly to cover up my bed head as I loaded the kids in the car for the drive to school, my new neighbors have suffered enough). I found to awesome patterns that interested me here. Also, I'm working on a vest out of the Sirdar booklet I used for Aaron's sweater for him. He saw an obnoxiously red vest at the store one day and wanted it. It, being a knitted item, was analyzed and replaced by several skeins of wool the same hue. He likes it. I'll post a pic as soon as I'm done. I'm trying to avoid the inevitable guilt I feel every time I pick a project, buy yarn, then never finish. I have a few projects I feel I MUST finish otherwise I am a bad knitter/wife/mother. Then I'm homefree. ya, thats it, home free....

In other news...Yarn store review update!
Yesterday, I paid a visit to Hidden Haven Farm. My aunt Linda lives no less than 4.1 miles from this place so I decided to pay a visit when I went to visit Linda. Well, I yahooed the directions and forgot to write the street number or name of the store down. Heh. But we found it quickly despite that. We pulled in the driveway and it seemed a little mysterious at first but she has signs posted which was a relief. It's a 13 acre property (with sheep and chickens if your into that sort of thing) and her little barn o' yarn is off the right of their main drive. For being small, she has quality yarns, alpaca, wool, mohair and novelties along with winders, spindles and fibers for spinning. Hand dyes and hand spun by her are also available. I bought my first boucle type yarn from her, hand dyed by her which is awesome and I will most definitely have to post pics of it soon (its already on the needles). I also bought a louet drop spindle and fiber. ps. she sells spinning wheels!!! (Sorry, I'm 2 glasses into some chardonnay).
She was a lovely lady who has good yarn and other addicting fiber stuffs. Her farm is lovely and I wish I could have seen more of it! I hope I will get the chance to go back there soon. Since she is there by appointment and well, its her home, hours may not be a big problem. Meanwhile, I hope there is a gift card for the other LYS under the tree somewhere for me.
Another ps, my grandmother's website is up...


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