Wednesday, July 11, 2007

breaking it to me gently...

I swear I know how to add. I was even pretty decent at pre-calculus in high school. Sadly, all that hard work has not amounted to much in the "real world". I was so excited to find the Gems yesterday that I completely overlooked the fact that the yardage between it and the required yarn for Tatami is VERY different. Sigh. Hundreds of yards of difference in fact.
Louet Gems
Oh well. I'll stick with what I got previously. It was a shock though, when I realized my mistake. Duh! Its still beautiful and still residing in a place of honour on the dining room table for all to see. Maybe it can tell me what it wants to be sooner rather than later. I was really looking forward to knitting it up.
Anyway, I started some new socks and they're not the ones I'd originally planned on.
Pomatomus day 1
And notice the LARGE print chart underneath. Yes thats me and my tech skills in action. I somehow managed to print that baby in jumbo size and laughed for about 20 minutes afterward. I didn't think anything else of it till we were sitting in the waiting room at the dentists office this morning and the guy next to me did a double take when I whipped it and my yarn out.
So far so good. Reading ahead has been a bit confusing so I stopped. Since I'm knitting it on circs I'm a bit stumped by her stitch switching (say that 3 times fast) on the needles. I guess I'll jump that hurdle when I reach it. The yarn is sooooo nice but I'm having a hard time with the needles. Addi turbos just aren't good enough for sock knitting anymore. I need those Knit Picks needles; so sharp and slick...... and they didn't get here today. Hopefully tommorow. I'm putting these socks down until then. The needles are killing my hands and eyes.

I'm tired and sleepy and its a rainy day. I'm gonna have to drag my carcass out of the house to make it to Kung Fu tonite. This week: nunchaku spins.


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