Friday, March 03, 2006

baby sock
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Do newborns have almost 5" long feet? This is the total sum of my knitting yesterday. This is how it went:

Me: Hmm, Afghans for Afghans sent me an email. They need newborn size booties/socks and hats. No problem! I have lots of yarn perfect for this.

I walk over to get my Almanac baby sweater and proceed to frog it so I can make as many socks and hats as I can out of 2 skeins Cascade 220 as possible. I think this angered the yarn.

finally picked up the house enough so I didn't suffer guilt about knitting. I cast on and knit an entire baby sock in about 45 minutes (allowing for story telling with Maya throughout). The thing is, well, it looked like the picture. I sigh and spend another hour surfing for more free patterns for infant socks.

I cast on again while making dinner (dangerous multi-tasking I know. Yarn + food preparation= disaster) and knit without feeding myself, stopping only when I realize that I've been so intent on finishing I forgot the heel-turning part. Hmmmm. So eventually I finish and this is what I get. An exact replica of what I knitted before. Granted, I used the same size needle, but it IS the right gauge and they were different needles (dpn's vs circular addi's).
I plan on trying booties later. Tonight maybe. Maybe.


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