Thursday, February 23, 2006

3 Days Left?!

Oiy. Well, I was reading the comment left on my last post (yay! somebody visited the blog!) and was thinking,"ya, only a few days left. I've only got like 8" left to knit on the body and we. Are. Done." No problem, right? Well, not if you've got to sit on the phone with the bank for a while trying to cancel a payment you sent to a long cancelled credit card and administer several medications to one sick child while making several fresh fruit snacks for the other one's breakfast while she tells you all about her dream last night in a loud shouting voice after you got up early and are now progressing into the hacking up of the phlegm stage of the flu. Then you realize the reason your doggy hasn't been following you around like usual is because she is HURT! So we are off to the vet. This week has sure been interesting. I hope Roxie is allright. She is definitely well enough to slowly walk across the room to where the cheese popcorn is so she's not too bad but definitely in pain. Tubey pics and doggy diagnosis when we return...

Thanks Marisa!


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