Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Only five days left to go. I stayed up way late Sunday night knitting the stripe, then slipping the sts onto a scrap yarn so I could try the sucker on and make sure I wasn't making some sort of mutated version and it looked great. The opening is a bit wide and I'll probably have to seam that so my bra straps don't show but other than that it looked great! Yay!
So between Sun night and now I have completed 9 inches of body tube. Also, the whole family has managed to come down with a cold in that time, and Aaron had an asthma attack to boot. He's just fine now and the whole time I was driving him to the Dr's office I was asking him,"Are you okay? Can you breath okay?" He would reply between pant like breaths, "Ya. I'm okay. Can we go to Buger King?" What can I say? He's a tough little dude. In fact he held up a whole lot better than his Momma.
So now that its way late on Tues night and I've got the chills and working on 6 hours sleep for the past 48 hours, I'll be going to bed now.



At 1:17 AM, Anonymous marisa said...

Hang in there! Only a couple more days left. Your Tubey looks great so far :)


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