Thursday, February 16, 2006

tubey: day 6

tubey: day 6
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Well, after good progress the first 2 days, I stalled out! That first sleeve just about killed me! I knit it 21" (a whole extra inch than the pattern calls for) and when I tried it on, it was short!!! I left the end unsecured so I could go back and knit some more on it if it doesn't come out right. Also, the back seems a bit on the long side. When I finish this sleeve, I will know if the shrug is too big. I took the kids to the mall's playground and let them burn off some energy (and some of my guilt for keeping them cooped up while I knit like a madwoman) and began sleeve #2. I've gotten about 12" into it. Only 9 more inches to go. Sigh. I really was counting on being done with the shrug by this point, leaving me ten full days to focus on the body tube. I'm not even sure about where I'm putting my stripe yet! I'm still unsure if I'm at to slow a pace or not but I'm starting to wonder if I'll get enough sleep for then next nine days. I don't do well without my beauty z's. I'm also starting to feel my mind go blank when I see the black wool. Looking over at my pattern last night, instead of Tubey, there was this. Also, the kids and I stopped by lys for some yarn for a new project.


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