Sunday, February 26, 2006

Well, as you can see, I f#*@ed up my photos for the blog. I was trying to organize them into "sets" so that maybe I could link to a gallery of FO's. Anyway, obviously I've lost some of my photos.
Tubey is DONE. She is blocking on the bed and, um, well, seems a little stretched. I'm wondering if I threw it in the dryer for a minute if that would be okay or if I should just leave it be until its totally dry. The fact that I finished it is about the only good thing going on today. I seem to have a bad case of the pms's and I'm sick of being sick! Anywhoo. As soon as she's dry I'm going to get a good picture of her on. I think it came out pretty good for being knit in 16 days. I can't believe that I finished a whole sweater in only 16 days! Yay for me! Now I'm going to finish Aaron's sweater, my Carroll bag and then a poncho for Maya.


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