Thursday, February 23, 2006

the patient

Well, here she is. She wedged herself were the kids can't miss her in case they want to throw her scraps or she won't miss anything they accidentally drop. I was going to get her running to the window to bark at the Fed Ex guy but I wasn't fast enough. Thats right: RUNNING. She has soreness and is uncomforterable but there is nothing seriously wrong with her. She is going to be okay and she's improved about 100% since we got her home, but she won't go in the backyard. ?? Maybe a snake bit her? Hmmmm. Maybe there's a baby gator back there. Racoon? Squirrel? Feral Cat? Opposum? Buzzard? Snapping turtle? Who knows. Incidentally, I've seen all these critters in my yard. Ahhh, Florida. Swampy livin at its finest. Also, today; 77 degrees. Will this tubey even get worn?!


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