Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Progress

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Okay, first weekend of the Knitting Olympics has produced this. 23 inches (who knew I had such broad shoulders?! For cryin out loud!!) of the back and about 4 inches into the sleeve. When I cast on on Friday, I mistakenly used the second number for sizes when casting on. 3" in, I realized I could keep the small size cast on and just knit the cross back measurement however long I needed. Duh. So I got about 12 inches in on Fri night. Then Sat, I didn't get much time to knit during the day, but that night I got to to end of the cross back and was able to do some sleeve yesterday. I'm using the Magic Loop for the sleeve and while its nice not to have lots of needles to fool around with, I'm having a hard time making my stitches look as even and neat with the circular! Also, this yarn...I wish I had chosen something else to knit it with. There are broken and fuzzed plies everywhere and loose strands of yarn wound into the balls which is better than an ugly knot holding it all together, but I guess with the price tag and all, I assumed the yarn would be different. I don't know how I feel about microfiber. hmmm.
Today is cold (ha ha!) here. We're only getting to like, ahem, 54 degrees for the high. Sweater weather finally!! But don't worry, by the end of the week we'll be at 79 degrees! So anyway, all I have to do today is:
Lets see how far I can get by tommorow morning. I have no way of knowing if my pace is good or bad! I keep thinking of knitting that body tube....maybe I should do a couple of rows right now!

Go Team USA!!!


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