Sunday, May 14, 2006

good morning sunshine

good morning sunshine
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Again, I was determined to have a good day no matter what. So I ventured into the kitchen and started with this.

This is the other part of my yarn purchase from Uncommon Threads. Hand Painted Yarn , 100% Wensleydale Wool by Dicentra Designs.
I really like the colorway but it’s very close to some Lorna’s Laces sock yarn I bought a couple years ago.

Anyway, that and the ibuprofen definitely brightened up my morning.

At church the men sang to the women and all Mom’s got a small potted flower. I was then stopped by one of the missionaries who said he’d heard I was a really good crocheter (hmmm, I’m a legend with the mormon missionaries, creepy). Turns out he’s trying his hardest to crochet himself a tie, but it’s not coming out very well. He wanted to know if I could find a pattern for him online for free. Okay, lets not discuss the fact that an eighteen year old man is spending his free time crocheting a tie. Lets focus on the possibilities of converting him and his peers to the fiber arts. They’re such easy targets!! Like fish in a barrell!! No radio, no tv, nothing to do but sit, pray, read and knit/crochet. Ahhh yeahh. This is gonna be fun.
So back to the pattern hunt. Nothing. Zero. Zip. No crocheted necktie patterns (are we surprised? Yes! Have you seen what else is out there?!) Crazy there aren’t any because the concept is so darn simple! (My regards to you Mr. Missionary, I’m unsure of your understanding of crochet technique and terms). I’m working on one right now out of the leftover skeins of Jo Sharp tweed wool I used for Mom’s sweater. I’m almost feeling guilty about crocheting it up as a necktie (snob!) but I’ve boxed up all my yarn! Besides, all the craft stores and yarn stores are closed now.


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