Tuesday, April 18, 2006

yarn chaos

yarn chaos
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In other events…I decided to clean our room. Or, at least, clean up the yarn chaos that has been wreaking havoc on our lives lately. I piled up the majority of what was lying around my bedroom on shelves and dressers. This picture is only about 95%. I found a lot of stuff I had already forgotten about (I really love all my yarn babies, really I do!). Also notice the purse and basket on the dresser in the backgroung; both full. It also helped me figure out what projects I had going and what I should pick up next considering the Teen Top tragedy. I’ve also bought myself a notebook so I can start a project journal. Sound dorky? I thought so. But while I read Stephanie’s latest book I realized she was right about the project journal. I’ve made things that I now look back and wonder about yarns and gauges and such…
So I already have a few entries in it. I’m going to make Maya the Girlfriend Shrug out of another yarn. I frogged the one I had started so long ago. The yarn felt coarse and even itchy so I decided that if I choose a wool yarn, it will have to be a blend or something very soft. I’ve found a few good subs, but I’m torn between wanting to use cotton or using wool! So in my queue there is
1. Orangina
2. Openwork Shrug
3. Girlfriend shrug
4. Carroll bag
5. Knitting Tote
6. Kitty Pi
7. Aaron’s Sweater
Nope, never finished that Carroll bag I just had to have. Sigh….I’ve also bought the pattern for the felted sheep tote but I don’t have the yarn for it. Maybe I could look for something suitable in Orlando? Hmmmm.
Also on this list (because this is the list of the projects that have already been started) is Mon Petit Chou.

I don’t know if I’ll finish this one though. I think I’d rather knit the 1930 design. I fear I’ve lost my toothpick-like figure forever.


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