Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Yarn (hemp!)

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There's never too much yarn. I ordered this for the Sexy Knitter's Club Orangina along from Lovely online store and look at the little treasure that came in the mail! Its Hemp for knitting Hemp/cotton blend at a fingering weight. On second thought though, I think this is a finer fingering weight than the 4ply cotton called for in the pattern. I may have jumped the gun a little, but I have wanted to order Hemp for Knitting for a while now. The yarn is AWESOME and soon I'll have to work up a gauge swatch. The KAL officially begins on Apr 1st so I should be ready by then. I'm kinda excited because I sat out on the Club's first KAL. I've noticed a lot of the other sexy knitters are using Knit picks Shine for their yarn choice but I just can't....I don't really like ANY of the Shine colors. I mean, I like bright colors and it is spring and all, but I don't wear very many bright colors. This basic undyed yarn is about as bright and neutral as I like to get.

I've been working on Mom's socks and will finish them this morning then I can ship them off. I hope she likes them. I do. The leg cuff isn't as long as I usually like but they are so soft and warm...
My only consolation is the new skeins I bought at the sale for myself. I think I'm going to try Wendy's basic toe up pattern. That way I can knit till the yarn runs out and have a long cuff. But first things first! I have to finish Mom's socks, work on the back of the teen/swim/beach top and then get my gauge swatch worked out for the Orangina. I'm thinking that will take a while. The last couple of projects I started took lots of swatching work. :(
I hate that.


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