Monday, April 03, 2006

Orangina week 1

Orangina week 1
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Well, up buying some Red Heart Luster Sheen (shudder) for my Orangina. Oiy. Hopefully, this doesn't offend Stefanie. The yarn is actually kinda pretty and easy to knit with. I may just have to avoid open flame while wearing this top. I'm frustrated that I didn't look harder (like at my kitchen shelf for my Patternworks catalogue) for a better substitute yarn. Since the KAL started on Saturday, I felt pressured to start that day too even though there is no time limit or anything. As fun as yarn shopping is, the trip to Joann's was a little deflating considering they didn't have a copy of Interweave's newest Crochet mag and I left with 100% acrylic yarn. Ugg.


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