Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Teen top?

Teen top?
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The bad news is that I had to completely frog the Teen Top. I was looking at it and the measurements just were not right for the pieces that I had. The width was right, the length was not. I decided to do something I should have done when I was knitting the front piece the first time: check my gauge. The pattern called for a gauge of 5.75sts/7.75rows to 1”. I had 6sts/10rows=1”. Uh huh. The good news is that the beach party is on the 30th which is the Sunday after this one so there is an extra week. The question is, should I stick with this yarn? Or forget it and buy something closer to what is called for? Just when I was feeling hopelessly knitting-handicapped, I realized that I had woven my end in so well I couldn’t find it! It took me all afternoon to get that sucker! So now here it sits. Four small balls of yarn. What to do with all this Wick?


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