Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Almost time

gearing up
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Quick post to show that I've somewhat gathered my materials for the Olympics (I don't think those were the right size needles I just grabbed em for the picture). ONE MORE DAY and then it shall begin....

Okay enough dramatics.
I don't think I've done this much knitblogsurfing ever in my life and I have to say how exciting and inspiring it is to see all these other people who love the same things you do! Not to mention all the other crazy, er, dedicated knitters out there who are participating in the knitting olympics. 3000 plus is hard to imagine! I think I'll work out the gauge tonight and triple read through the pattern so that no surprises jump out at me. The past two patterns I've worked have come out wrong because I didn't read them carefully enough. Minimum amount of intelligence required to knit? Hmmmm, not sure if I've got it. But I've got the love, baby.



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