Monday, February 06, 2006

January knitting update

February already! Yikes! As a matter of fact, I think the Olympics begin this weekend. Double yikes! I need to work up a gauge swatch for Tubey sometime this week. I’ve also begun preparing the family for this knitting event by telling them they are on their own during Mommy’s knitting time. I wish now that I had chosen something different to knit; specifically some baby clothes to donate to Afghans for Afghans or some other charity. Its probably too late to change, goodness knows Stephanie and her crew are busy enough without getting emails from wishy-washy knitters saying they want to change their event! So I began a baby sweater (pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitters Almanac) to give and I wanted to knit some socks and hats and ship them all at once. What? What other projects? I’ve decided not to beat myself up over my growing list of ufo’s. It’ll all get done eventually. There is one glaring problem however: My husband needs socks and I NEED a sweater! Realize that the coldest its been outside during the day here so far this winter has been 50 degrees. Sweater weather indeed, but I’ve managed to get by with sweatshirts and layers of t-shirts. There is the wool jacket that needs a dry cleaning but that is old and too heavy. I repeat I NEED a sweater. So I’ve been browsing yarn and patterns (gasp of horror I know) and the most likely candidate has been determined to be the Ribby Cardi from Chicknits. I didn’t like the original picture from the site, but looking at some of the cardi’s that have been knit on blogs and other sites, it looks like a cute and versatile design. I can use the Cascade I bought for Cherie and frog back what I’ve started there. Although I really like Cherie, I need something that’s not a pullover. Meanwhile, since I posted last, I’ve knit these:


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